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Born in Northern New Jersey, and further corrupted in the Billy Joel immortalized city of Allentown, PA, Composer/Guitarist Mark Dannells was drawn to music as far back as he can remember.  After playing in several local bands in high school,  his quest to make this profession his life long career led him to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Post graduation, he joined several touring bands such as Fear Glory and Nantucket that performed hundreds of dates over the next several years. His playing eventually received national attention and he was invited to audition for such acts as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Mark, along with his bandmates in Blacklight Posterboys and Fox 5 Creative Services director John Kukla, were presented with an EMMY in the spring of 2000.  The award was for the song "Have A Nice May" that Mark co-wrote and produced that was used by the Atlanta Fox affiliate to promote their May sweeps week.  

In 2001, Dannells was asked to join Atlanta based Elektra Recording artists Brand New Immortals, a band that included former Black Crowes, Train and current Lynryd Skynyrd bassist Johnny Colt and singer/guitarist (now with John Mayer) David Ryan Harris. Dannells has also played with producer/singer/songwriter Butch Walker, GRAMMY®  nominated singer/songwriter Angie Aparo, and multiplatinum rockers Skid Row.

Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Mark performs constantly with various incarnations of the the PleaseRock music collective, including the ever popular Yacht Rock Revue. In addition to their sold out headlining shows across the US, they have acted as a back up band for artists such as Eddie Money, Rick Derringer, Bobby Kimball (Toto), Mickey Thomas (Starship), Steve Augeri (Journey), Matthew "Break My Stride" Wilder, Gary "Dreamweaver" Wright, Robbie "Steal Away" Dupree, Peter Beckett and Ron Moss (Player) and Walter "Magnet and Steel" Egan. He is also involved with production and composition for various artists, and has worked with the companies  Placement Music and Audiosocket to produce music for such shows as Anthony Bourdain's "The Layover' and Drop Dead Diva.

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Performance Bio

• 2019-Present   The Burned Over                                                                                                      

Occult themed "Baphometal" band formed with former GWAR vocalist Kim "Vulvatron" Dylla.  Debut Ep to be released in 2019. 

The Burned Over Official website

• 2019-Present   The Bloody Wolves of Venice

Atlanta hard rock supergroup consisting of Mark Dannells, John Driskell Hopkins (Zac Brown Band), Greg Lee (YRR), Mike Rizzi (5/8, Tony Lewis), and Mick Murphy (Chevy Metal).  5 song EP released in 2019, and music is featured in 2019 indie film "Adolescence".

Bloody Wolves of Venice EP at Apple Music

Official Video for "Baby" by The Bloody Wolves of Venice

​• 2008-Present    Yacht Rock Revue  / PleaseRock

Guitarist for several groups under the PleaseRock Music Collective.  

-Yacht Rock Revue- Wildly successful tribute to late 70s/early 80s soft rock.  Voted "Best Overall Musical Act" in 2010  and "Best Cover Band" in 2011-2015 for Atlanta's Creative Loafing Best of Poll.  Performances in front of thousands monthly between tour dates, festivals and private events. 
Yacht Rock Revue at 
Yacht Rock Revue on Facebook 

-Please PleaseRock Me- Beatlesology tribute that spans the career of the fab four, solo material and notable covers.
Please PleaseRock Me at

-Rockfight & Live Albums- Sets from Led Zeppelin, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, etc.  Also perform complete records such as Dark Side of the Moon, Sgt. Pepper, Thriller, Led Zeppelin IV and Purple Rain.

• 2008-Present   The Greater Vavoom

Popular Atlanta Based Indie Rock/Electronica act.  Full Length CD "Hot Gold" Released in 2008.  Notable performances include opening for STP/Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland, and headlining official Lady Gaga Atlanta Aftershow.
The Greater Vavoom on Facebook 
"Hot Gold" on iTunes

• 2009  Russ-T Cobb  
Live and Recording Guitarist

Live dates with singer/songwriter and producer/engineer (Avril Lavigne, Butch Walker, Bowling For Soup) Rusty Cobb. Appear on his TBA 2011 CD release.

• 1993-Present   Angie Aparo
Touring and Recording Guitarist

Sporadically backed up Grammy nominated singer/songwriter  ("Cry" Faith Hill,  "Big Time" Big and Rich, "Free Man" Tim McGraw, etc.) since the cover days in the  early 90's. Numerous live performances and appeared on "The One with the Sun" (2003), "For Stars and Moon" (2003) and the Dan Huff  produced "El Primero del Tres"(2006). Angie Aparo Official Website

• 2009 Jim Stapley
Live Guitarist

Backing up British singer for his Atlanta residency prior to his debut release on Keifer Sutherland's Ironworks Records.
Jim Stapley on Ironworks website

• 2009   Hold On Bruce Lees
Live Guitarist

Second Lead Guitarist for .38 Special Co-founder/Guitarist/Songwriter Jeff Carlisi's live band performing the hits of .38 Special.
Jeff Carlisi Official Website

• 2008-2010   Y-O-U
Live and Recording Guitarist

Popular Atlanta Based Indie Americana/Soul/Pop act.  Chosen as one of Rolling Stone Magazine's "25 Best Bands on Myspace" in 2006. 

• 2006    Skid Row                                                                                                    
Touring Guitarist 

Filled in for live dates for the multi-platinum rock band during original guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo's brief hiatus.
Skid Row Official Website

• 2004-2009     Metalsome Incorporated                                                                           
Live Guitarist

Part-time guitarist for live Karaoke band with 300+ songlist.  Called “The Thunderdome of Karaoke.” by Rolling Stone  and “One of America's Wildest Parties." by Spin Magazine.
Metalsome Inc at Metalsome Promotions

• 2003-2007     The Warm Gunns                                                               

Atlanta based rock band.  Numerous regional performances, US college airplay and released two CDs "Dark Fun" and "Meet the Swan".
"Meet the Swan" on iTunes
The Warm Gunns on myspace

• 2002-2003    Ball / Mirror Down                                                                  
Live and Recording Guitarist

Guitarist with LA area Hard Rock/Metal band.  Band  included  Guitarist/ Vocalist/Drummer Brian Tichy (Billy Idol, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne), Drummer Joe Travers (Duran Duran, Zappa Plays Zappa), Bassist Michael Devin (Whitesnake, Kenny Wayne Shepherd) and Drummer/Bassist  Dorian Heartsong (Powerman 5000). Played numerous live shows in the Los Angeles area and appeared on the 2003 independent release "Bleed Defeat".
Brian Tichy Official Website

• 2002-2003    Butch Walker                                                                                 
Touring Guitarist

Toured to support acclaimed producer/singer/songwriter  Butch Walker's  first solo album "Left of Self Centered" (2002) on Arista.  National tours  with Lit and headlining dates.  Appeared in music videos for  "Rock Vocal Power" and "My Way". 
Butch Walker Official Website

• 2003    Brandon Kelley                                                                    
Touring and Recording Guitarist

Live dates with Alabama based singer/songwriter on his 2003 Southeastern Tour.  Appeared on his 2007 Paradyne release "How Love Goes".

• 2001-2002    Brand New Immortals                                                                   
Touring Guitarist

Band featured former Black Crowes and Train bassist Johnny Colt,  singer/songwriter  (and guitarist for John Mayer) David Ryan Harris and drummer Kenny Creswell. National Tours with Tantric, Better Than Ezra and headlining dates to support Elektra/Music Company release "Tragic Show" (2001).  Televised performances of songs "Reasons Why" and "Turn Around" on HBO's live music show "Reverb".

• 1998-2001  Blacklight Posterboys                                                         

Popular Atlanta based band. Released 2 Indie CDs "BLPB" (1998) & "Psychotic Love Songs" (2000). Also featured on "Roadrash:Jailbreak" video game, and the song "If The Animals Could Talk" was voted best song on its soundtrack by thousands of gamers worldwide.   
Blacklight Posterboys on myspace

• 2000    Beth Wood                                                                                                       
Touring Guitarist

Live dates with Texas based singer/songwriter on her 2000 Southeastern Tour.  Appeared on her 1999 Mehaffey Publishing release "Late Night Radio".
Beth Wood Official Website

• 1990-1995    Fear Glory                                                                                                      

Atlanta Based Soul/Hard Rock Band.  Toured the southeast extensively and also supported Kansas for several weeks on their 1991 US Tour. 

• 1989-1990   Nantucket                                                                                                     
Touring and Recording Guitarist

Toured the US with North Carolina based former Epic Recording Artists Nantucket.